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          APJ Subscription Drive November-December 2019

          Tensions between the US and China are reaching fever pitch in the era of Donald Trump, with mounting conflict between the US and China, the US and North Korea, China and the nations of the South China Sea, Okinawa and the US-Japan, and Japan and its neighbors, Korea and Taiwan. We believe this makes the work of APJ more important than ever.

          We have no corporate, foundation or university angel, so our ability to publish relies on our core supporters. Your support allows us to provide APJ free to our 19,000 regular readers and thousands of others around the world who access the journal through reprints and other sources. Our goal: $12,000. We thank supporters for their generosity in helping us raise $10,200 toward our goals.

          If you value the journal, please go to our homepage http://apjjf.org/Subscribe where you can both subscribe to our semi-monthly Newsletter and contribute (tax free) via Paypal or credit card. Enter your email address and an amount and click on Paypal. You can pay by credit card or paypal.

          We need support in the range of $100-500-1,000 to maintain the site.

          The Dilemmas Facing Hong Kong’s Generation Y in the Era of Globalization
          Reflections on the TEPCO Trial: Prosecution and Acquittal after Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown
          War, Rape and Patriarchy: The Japanese experience
          Shuri Castle and Japanese Castles: A Controversial Heritage
          WHEN WOMEN WARRIORS DARE NOT SPEAK: China, Hong Kong and Disney’s Mulan Film
          Nakamura Tetsu: humanitarian doctor, farmer, and hero of Afghanistan
          Overcoming the San Francisco System: One Japanese Person’s View
          We’re Not So Good at Running ... But We Still Know How to Sit: On The Political Culture of Okinawa’s Anti-Base Sit-In
          Irresistible Force (Japan) Versus Immovable Object (Okinawa):?Struggle Without End?
          Retracing Steps at Beijing University, 1989-2019
          The Chuo Shinkansen Project: High Speed Rail in Japan
          Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from South Korea is Long Overdue: Examining the Military Balance on the Korean Peninsula
          Amidst an Explosion of Anti-Korean Hate: Thoughts on Overcoming Colonialism and Bringing Peace to the Korean Peninsula
          “Book Burning” in Japan
          Okinawa’s G.I. Brides: Their Lives in America
          Freedom Fighting: Nagoya’s censored art exhibition and the “comfort women” controversy
          “I was exposed to nerve agent on Okinawa” – US soldier sickened by chemical weapon leak at Chibana Ammunition Depot in 1969 breaks silence on what happened that day.
          “Yamazaki, Shoot Emperor Hirohito!” Okuzaki Kenzo’s Legal Action to Abolish Chapter One (The Emperor) of Japan’s Constitution
          Ghosn, Yamashiro and the United Nations? -- Japan’s Coercive Police Practices in the International Spotlight
          Slow burn: Dirt, Radiation, and Power in Fukushima